Start a Travel Tradition

One of the fun things we love to do when we travel is follow a travel tradition – something that we do everywhere we visit, well in a lot of the places we visit.

The tradition doesn’t have to be big.  It can be something small.  My small tradition is to buy a key ring from every city / country we visit.  It’s just a small trinket to remind me of where we have been.

Our Tradition

We love food and wine.  For us, experiencing great restaurants around the world is something we love to do.

So our tradition is, in each country we visit, we find an amazing restaurant to have dinner at.  So what does that mean?

Well we dine at either a Michelin Star restaurant, a restaurant of a celebrity chef or a well known / well respected restaurant.  It is not necessarily a cheap tradition, but we make sure we build it into our trip budget and it’s a chance for us to really spoil ourselves.

Travel Tradition

Above: one of the amazing dishes from L’Atelier.

Our tradition has meant we have eaten in some amazing restaurants around the world.  These have included:

Travel Tradition

Above: another amazing dish from L’Atelier.

Start a Tradition

Start your own travel tradition.  It doesn’t have to be eating out at a restaurant.  It should be something that is personal to you.  Just make sure it is something you really enjoy and have fun doing!