5 Items I Always Have in my Day Pack

Whether I’m travelling overseas or hiking close to home, there are 5 items I always carry in my day pack.  They are light weight and don’t take up much room, but at some point on your journey you will need at least one of them and sometimes all of them.


Pretty self explanatory isn’t it. Being from Queensland in Australia (it’s known as the sunshine state) I have six monthly check ups with a skin doctor to check for an possible skin cancers.  I’ve already had three removed.  So sunscreen is a must for me, and it should be for everyone.

I like to have one that has a carabiner clip that attaches it to the outside of my day pack so it’s easy to access.  That way I can access it easily to reapply when I need to.

Hand Sanitiser

I always carry a small hand sanitiser, it’s just common sense.

Wet Wipes / Tissues

I like to carry a small packet of each (opps that makes six items).  The main reason – you never know if there is going to be toilet paper when you need to go to the toilet or if there will be a clean sink and soap to wash your hands.  We have lots of these stories!


Depending on where you are visiting, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable.  A poncho is lightweight and easily fits into a bag or day pack.  It may not be the most fashionable piece of clothing (can we call a poncho clothing?) but it will keep more of you dry than an umbrella and won’t turn inside out in heavy wind.  Also a poncho can fit over a day pack or bag.

Shower Cap

A shower cap?  If it isn’t raining heavily you can protect your camera by putting a shower cap over it.  I have used this a number of times to protect my DSLR in the rain.  You don’t want to have the shower cap over your camera for a long period as condensation may appear which isn’t good for the camera.  But if it rains and you need a quick way to get your camera covered, a shower cap is handy to have.  A shower cap is also great to protect a camera if it gets dusty or if these is sand blowing around.  I always keep one in an easily accessible pocket in my backpack.