Brisbane Zombie Walk

Zombie Walks are held around the world where people get to dress up as zombies.  We were able to attend the Brisbane Zombie Walk in 2016.  The Brisbane event allows participants to bring out their inner zombie while raising money for the Brain Foundation.

No matter how hard you might try to ignore the zombie phenomenon, zombies have become a big part of the sci-fi world.  From The Walking Dead to zombie apocalypse computer games, you will know someone who loves the whole “zombie thing”.

So since my husband and I are both into the “zombie thing” we decided to head to the Brisbane Zombie Walk.

The event was at the Roma Street Parkland, where participants stumbled their way along the tree lined streets. The walk was purely for fun and for those obsessed with the living dead. Everyone involved in the walk was encouraged to dress up as and act like a zombie, to give the event that extra bit of realism.

Photo Gallery

Above: Anyone afraid of clowns?

Above: Snow White as a zombie

Above: This Day of the Dead costume was stunning

Above: A Tutankhamun corpse zombie

Above: Even Playboy Bunnies get turned into zombies

Above: A zombie cricket player

Above: A zombie nun?

The storm trooper zombie was one of my favourites

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